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When a divorce involves children, there are many aspects that need to be settled such as parental rights, custody arrangements, child support, grandparent's rights, and so on. With the best interests of so many people involved it's difficult to come to an agreement that everyone can live with. Usually, a family law lawyer must be hired by each person to present their case to a family court judge for a final settlement.

Child Custody

In Texas, there are three main types of child custody issues that may need to be resolved: conservatorship, possession and access, and protection from false charges. In conservatorship, it is recommended that both parents make decisions for children; however, in some cases it is necessary for only one parent to be granted this right, such as in family violence cases.

Possession & Access

Possession and access  determines where children should live and visitation rights for the spouse. In some cases of abuse, supervised visitation may be recommended or demanded by the court. Over time the original agreement can be modified by petitioning the court. 

Custody Battle

In some divorce cases a custody battle may take place where one parent makes false statements about the other parent having a drug problem or neglecting the children. In situations like this a judge may order an investigation of the allegations before making custody decisions.

In any of the above situations, plus many others, you should consider hiring an attorney to protect your parental rights and also from false allegations. Attorneys with experience in family law is recommended. They will aggressively pursue the best outcome for the parents and the children.